Societa Agricola Safina SRL

Winery & Farm

Loc. Cantoniera di Caminino snc

Fraz. Montemassi, 58036 Roccastrada (GR) – ITALIA

Tel: +39 – 0564 1768120 | Fax: +39 – 0564 1768121

Mailing & Registered Office

Via del fonditore, 113

58022 - Follonica

Grosseto, ITALIA

Societa Agricola Safina SRL (Safina) is a wine, oil, cork, and grape producer having its own farm and winery in one location. Safina is in Maremma Tuscany region of Italy, home to some of the most popular and best wines of the world.

Safina is situated on hilly land that was the home to monks that grew olive trees and vineyards. They became experts at making wine and olive oil. Today you can find on site olive trees that date back a 100 years old.